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The Deaths by Welfare Project, at Healing Justice Ldn, investigates the deaths of disabled people linked to welfare reform and welfare state violence. At the heart of our work is the Deaths by Welfare timeline. 

Since 2021, the timeline has collected together evidence showing how the welfare system creates life-threatening policies that lead to people’s deaths. 

We show that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and their contractors, know about these deaths and yet continue to deny responsibility or to make systemic change. 

The timeline is based on over a decade of research and involvement in disabled people’s anti-austerity campaigning. The need for the timeline and its contents is deeply informed by disabled people’s expertise, knowledge, activism, and movements. 

We hope the timeline will be a tool for disability justice movement organising, to build cross disability and cross movement solidarity, and to create life-affirming systems, with disabled people, and the analysis developed through lived experience, at the heart.

Content Warning

Please read this in full before accessing the timeline. It explains our work and contains an important warning about the distressing nature of the content of the timeline. 

We are creating and building this work while doing it and being in it. Everything about the project is distressing and so we’ve been intentional in creating processes for supporting people to engage – co-designed and informed by the expertise of people with lived experience.