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Coroner publishes prevention of future deaths (PFD) report into death of Sophie/Faiza (see 7 November 2014), calling for DWP to take action to prevent further deaths.

What: An eight-day inquest had been carried out by Mary Hassell (the same coroner who wrote a PFD report following the death of Michael O’Sullivan). The PFD report calls on DWP to take action to prevent further deaths. She attaches the jury’s narrative determination, which finds issues with the jobcentre. However, DWP says processes were followed.

Why significant: A jury’s conclusion, supported by a coroner after a lengthy inquest, again shows DWP failing to safeguard the lives of disabled claimants in vulnerable situations, although the PFD report and the DWP response will not be reported on for four years (see 9 July 2020).


Faiza Hassan AHMED PDF 1
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