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David Cameron asked about peer reviews into deaths of people claiming benefits.

What: The prime minister is asked by Angus Robertson, who again mentions the death of Michael O’Sullivan, when he will publish the peer reviews. Cameron appears to misunderstand the question, although this may not have been accidental, and replies: “I will write to the right honourable gentleman about this, but from memory we cannot publish the report because it contains personal and medical data that would not be appropriate for publication. If I have got that wrong, I will write to him, but that is my clear memory of looking into his question after last week.” Robertson then asks about the death of Tim Salter, and tells him that the coroner ruled in his case: “A major factor in his death was that his state benefits had been greatly reduced leaving him almost destitute.” He says that Tim Salter’s sister had called on DWP to publish the peer reviews. Cameron again appears to misunderstand the question, saying he’s already answered it.

Why significant: Further pressure on the government to publish the peer reviews.


'Engagements Volume 601: debated on Wednesday 28 October 2015', Angus Robertson questioning PM