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DPAC and Inclusion London respond to the UN report, raising the connection between benefit changes, people’s deaths and Government failures.

What: The report by DPAC and Inclusion London responds to the government’s response to the report by the UN committee on the rights of persons with disabilities, which found “grave” and “systematic” violations of the UN disability convention.  The report welcomes the committee’s findings, which it says “present an accurate evaluation of the situation in the UK”, and criticises the government’s response. It warns that disabled people “are now facing a still worsening situation” and says that further evidence has come to light since the report was published “concerning the connection between benefit changes and deaths and of the Government’s failure to act on it”.

Why significant: Shows evidence that the situation since the November 2016 “grave and systematic violations” report by the UN committee on the rights of persons with disabilities is not improving and may be worsening, while drawing attention to the government’s refusal to accept the committee’s criticisms.


Follow Up Submission: Response to UNCRPD Inquiry Report and UK Government Response, Inclusion London, 2017