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Government leaks UN committee on the rights of persons with disabilities report to Mail on Sunday in attempt to discredit its findings.

What: The article describes the UN committee on the rights of persons with disabilities as “controversial” and questions “the credibility of the authors, one of whom has called for state funding for disabled people to visit prostitutes”. It says that “Ministers are planning to fight back by arguing that the findings are out of date”. The leak from the UK government and personal attack on one of its members shocks the disability committee. The government later dismisses the report’s findings, with work and pensions secretary Damian Green describing the report as outdated and patronising.

Why significant: Reflects the determination with which the government opposes any criticism of its treatment of disabled people.


Controversial UN task force slams Britain's welfare cuts and says disabled people are 'unfairly bearing the brunt' of austerity, Owen, 2016
Damian Green dismisses 'offensive' UN report on UK disability rights, Butler, 2016