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Iain Duncan Smith denies responsibility for WCA deaths.

What: In an impromptu interview with Disability News Service at the Conservative party conference, Duncan Smith denies responsibility for the deaths of people with mental health conditions who took their own lives after being unfairly found fit for work. He repeatedly attempts to avoid answering questions about Tom Osborne’s prevention of future deaths letter, but eventually admits that he remembers the Stephen Carré case – saying that reviews of the WCA [by Malcolm Harrington and Paul Litchfield] were carried out and changes made to the WCA process.

Why significant: This was the first time Iain Duncan Smith had been questioned in detail by a journalist about deaths linked to the WCA and his failure to act on the Stephen Carré PFD report.


'Duncan Smith tells DNS: ‘I’m not going to be accused by you’ over mental health deaths', Pring, 2016