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Mother of Jodey Whiting takes part in protest about benefits-related deaths outside DWP with Dolly Sen.

What: Jodey Whiting’s mother, Joy Dove, takes part in an action led by disabled artist-activist Dolly Sen outside DWP’s headquarters in Whitehall. Joy Dove and others hold up heart-shaped boards, on which Sen has written the names of four disabled men and women who lost their lives because of DWP’s benefit assessment regimes: Jodey Whiting [see 21 February 2017], Stephen Carré [see January 2010], Mark Wood [see 9 August 2013] and Susan Roberts [see 19 May 2016]. The action aims to highlight how DWP policies have caused distress and deaths.

Why significant: Shows the disability arts movement working with the families of those who have died to highlight the tragic impact of DWP’s actions.


What Did You Think I Was Going To Do?, Dolly Sen
Mother of Jodey Whiting displays her broken heart outside DWP HQ, Pring, 2014
Broken Hearts for the DWP Action, Section 136