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1 November 1991

National Employers Life Assurance Co. Ltd. (NEL) renames as Unum Limited.

What: The major commencement of the US disability insurer, Unum, in the UK was with Unum’s purchase of the insurer, National Employers Life Assurance Co. Ltd which was the largest group employer Private Health Insurance provider at the time.

Why significant: The North American insurer, Unum’s first major involvement in the UK was by purchasing an established UK provider and which gave it a large market share of group insurance. NEL changed its name to Unum in the UK in November 1991. It also allowed it to receive significant financial benefit from the wrongful denial of private PHI claims and then by assisting in discrediting and dismantling the UK social security system by selling its own private disability insurance in conjunction with complicity with DWP civil servants and ministers.