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Prime minister Boris Johnson questioned about death of Errol Graham.

What: Errol Graham’s MP, Lilian Greenwood, asks Boris Johnson: “How many more vulnerable benefit claimants will have to die before this government start to value their lives?” In his reply, Johnson mentions creating the “new independent serious case panel”, and improving guidance for staff, even though DWP has already admitted that the panel will not be independent

Why significant: Only a handful of deaths linked to DWP have been raised in prime minister’s questions, including those of Michael O’Sullivan [21 October 2015] and Jodey Whiting [see 13 March 2013].


Engagements Volume 671: debated 2020, Lilian Greenwood on Errol Graham
Errol Graham: Vigil will push for change and justice, after tragic death, Pring, 2020