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Release of The Right to Record – artwork and political campaign on recording personal independence payment (PIP) assessments. 

What: Studio 3 Arts commissioned sound artist Hannah Kemp-Welch to produce a piece of public art for Barking and Dagenham. Over six months, Hannah worked with a project group of five residents who have experienced long term ill health or disabilities. The artwork focuses on people‘s right to record their PIP assessments and challenges the DWP ruling that assessments may only be recorded on CD or cassette tape, and that the claimant must provide two devices for this purpose, and simultaneously record the assessment on both, giving one of the CDs or tapes to the assessor immediately after the appointment. The recording equipment for this costs £120, posing an insurmountable barrier to most claimants. The audio work contains personal testimonies of PIP assessments.

Why significant: The artwork led to the formation of an action group and political campaign – showing disabled people’s efforts to effect a rule change at a national level.