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28 March 2019

Content Warning: Attempted Suicide
Secret recording of face-to-face benefits assessment shows Capita assessor lying about woman’s thoughts of suicide.

What: A woman (Diane, not her real name) secretly records her face-to-face benefits assessment carried out by Capita. Despite repeatedly talking about her thoughts of suicide, her disability benefits were later removed after the assessor lied in an assessment report, stating: “They deny any current thoughts of suicide and/or self-harm.” A month after the assessment, Diane attempts to take her own life. Three weeks later, on 6 January, as a result of the assessment report, DWP removes Diane’s eligibility for PIP.

Why significant: Shows continuing concerns about the honesty of assessors, and links between the assessment process and suicidal thoughts and actions of claimants.


Capita assessor lied about woman’s thoughts of suicide, recording shows, Pring, 2019