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23 January 2020

The death of Errol Graham receives first publicity (he died in 2018).

What: Disability News Service publishes the first article on Errol’s death (despite Errol dying on 20 June 2018), after being approached by Alison Turner, the fiancée of Errol Graham’s son, who will lead the family’s fight for justice. The article is quickly followed up by regional and national media.

Why significant: Media coverage puts further pressure on ministers to explain their continuing safeguarding failures.


The death of Errol Graham: Man starved to death after DWP wrongly stopped his benefits, Pring, 2020
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Errol Graham death: Nottingham man starved after benefits stopped, BBC, 2020
Errol Graham: Family of man who starved to death say benefits system 'cruel and flawed', Dowd, 2020
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