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The Spartacus Network leads the Second People’s Review of the Work Capability Assessment, including accounts of deaths linked to being found fit for work. 

What: The second review by the Spartacus Network highlights the “continuing failure” of the WCA, and concludes that the WCA continues to cause “stress, anxiety and far worse”, while the accounts of people’s experiences included in the report show the “frightening and inhuman treatment” claimants are having to endure as they try to qualify for ESA. It also includes accounts of deaths connected with the WCA and the loss of benefits. It concludes: “The many harrowing accounts in ‘The Reality’ section of this Review attest to the frightening and inhumane treatment sick and disabled people are having to endure.”

Why significant: The review illustrates direct evidence that continues to link the WCA with serious harm and death.


'The People's Review Of WCA Further Evidence', 2013