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Work and pensions secretary outlines DWP’s revised guidance on home visits procedures, while again saying the department has no duty of care.

What: In a letter to Stephen Timms (chair of the work and pensions committee), Therese Coffey provides DWP’s revised guidance on its procedures when a claimant deemed to be vulnerable fails to comply with a requirement and, as a result, their benefit payments are at risk. Coffey tells Timms:
“…in cases of concern, a decision to stop a payment will only be made after we have tried every reasonable route – including the escalation process to Safeguarding Leads. Relevant staff have been made aware of the need to follow the updated guidance through an implementation update. While the Department does not have a duty of care or statutory safeguarding duty, escalating can help to direct our claimants to the most appropriate body to meet their needs”.

Why significant: The secretary of state provides further details of DWP’s safeguarding procedures, but again states that DWP has no duty of care.


Therese Coffey's response to Stephen Timms, Sept 2020